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Conor McGregor Takes a Dig at Vasyl Lomachenko:- “You Are Just Living a Lie”

Conor McGregor Takes a Dig at Vasyl Lomachenko:- “You Are Just Living a Lie”

Conor McGregor has challenged arguably the greatest boxer of this generation, Vasyl Lomachenko to compete in MMA.

During his tour of Russia Conor McGregor while talking about Ukranian boxing culture praised Vasyl Lomachenko. Former UFC two-division champion does consider Lomachenko the pound for pound best boxer at the moment. 

“I know Ukrainian boxing is phenomenal, second to none in world sport. I know Vasyl Lomachenko very well, I studied his fighting for many years. He is a phenomenal boxer, the pound for pound boxer on the planet today I believe.”

Vasyl Lomachenko has won multiple titles in the boxing world, he has out skilled his opponents, separating himself from the rest of the competition to the point that the majority of fans believe he is the best boxer this sport has seen in a while. Although McGregor acknowledges Lomachenko’s achievements in boxing, he also showed interest to see him compete in mixed martial arts. McGregor added:

“For me, you must compete in mixed martial arts. There comes a stage where you have got to try, you are just lying to yourself if you are staying in one discipline. it’s not a complete fight. You have got to compete in mixed martial arts. I would like to see him compete now in mixed martial art competition. I know he has some words about me or whatever.”

Conor McGregor

“Me going to boxing to fight Floyd would be like him going to mixed martial arts to fight Henry Cejudo who was an Olympic freestyle wrestling champion. I don’t even think that’s necessary. I don’t think that is wise for him to do. But I do believe it’s time for him to venture into mixed martial arts competition, personally. Otherwise, you are just living a lie.”¬†said McGregor drawing a comparison between Lomachenko’s potential MMA debut and his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Fans have already seen Conor McGregor going into the boxing world and compete against Floyd Mayweather. There were a lot of speculations at a moment for a boxing fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Floyd Mayweather too. Fans might see another great from MMA jumping over to the boxing world again. However, are we ever going to see the greatest fighters in boxing stepping into an octagon for more than just a fist fighting?

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