Roger Federer has reached such heights in his career, and broken several records, and is still going strong with no intentions of stopping any time soon. And it’s not just Federer, who has amassed trophies in the past decade or so. Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray as well, have had immense success rates in their careers. Two similarities that stand out in their careers are, the struggle to return to their lofty expectations after long injury breaks , and that they have been extremely consistent throughout their careers.


Federer revealed post his Australian Open success, how just a minor injury can cut down on your potential and confidence level massively. ‘The problem is, when you have back issues, when you’re scared or you don’t have the confidence in your body, it robs you by, I don’t know, let’s say any percent, 20% or 30% of your capabilities’, said Federer. ‘May be on that particular shot only, but it’s enough to make you almost half the player that you normally are’, he added.


Federer also mentioned the importance of maintaining the consistency level on a high level, despite having injury related breaks. Consistency is a big thing in our sport. Can you serve like this for five hours? That’s the goal’, said the Swiss maestro. ‘When you’re carrying an injury, clearly it’s tougher, finally, when you’re free again, you find better zones, more consistency’, he added.

‘You just have to deal with it as good as possible. Sometimes rest is the only option, to be quite honest’, said the oldest grand slam champion, who is currently resting, having withdrawn from the Rogers Cup, this month.

Federer, who will turn 38 in a few days, has announced that he will stop playing within the next couple of years. Read the entire article here : “I will play till 40 – Roger Federer”





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