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The Most Controversial Sledges in Cricket

The Most Controversial Sledges in Cricket

Cricket is a game of perseverance and patience, and players often try to insult or verbally intimidate the opposition to weaken their concentration and shake their confidence, but that doesn’t stop them from keep playing on. This way of clever mental assault on a batsman by the bowler and surrounding fielders has come under speculation a lot of times over the years. Some find it to be a good humoured sporting banter but when it gets personal some might take it very seriously. Either way, sledging has been a much witnessed aspect of the game for a long time and continues to exist till date. Here are the most controversial sledges in the Gentleman’s game.

Most controversial sledges in cricket

1. Go find the ball !!


Legendary batsman Sir Vivian Richards were probably one of the players whom you should never sledge with. In a county match when Glamorgan bowler Greg Thomas was bowling, Viv played and missed a couple of times and the bowler said, “It’s red, round and weighs about five ounces, in case you were wondering.” The next ball, was clobbered it for a six and the batsman replied, ‘Hey, Greg man, since you know the colour, shape and size, go help them find it!'”

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