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Controversial Twitch Streamer Joins T1 Esports

Controversial Twitch Streamer Joins T1 Esports

T1 has joined T1 Esports. Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, often called T1, is one of the most popular streamers to have ever graced Twitch. However, he has had his fair share of controversies too. In fact, Riot had banned him from playing League of Legends for about two years for toxic behavior. Moreover, his constant toxicity towards teammates and on-stream has led to people calling him the ‘most toxic streamer’.

Regardless of all the backlash, Tyler’s following is increasing at a rapid pace. Not only is he performing well in terms of popularity on stream, but he has also been earning a lot of partnerships. Additionally, the success of his personal League of Legends tournament made things much smoother.

Tyler and T1 Esports, the South Korean LoL team, have been pretty close for a while. Now, though, they turned this friendship into a professional relationship. On October 18, T1 Esports announced on Twitter that Tyler1 has officially joined the team.

Tyler joining T1 Esports is more than just a streaming deal

In an interview with The Esports Observer, CEO of T1 Shaun Marsh stated, “For us with someone like Tyler, we view this more as a content creation partnership versus just a strict streaming deal.” 

He elaborated that he wants his players to focus on winning competitions rather than on promotions with brands. He believes that Tyler can help T1 establish a base for the organization in America since they are primarily based in South Korea. Moreover, he can relieve the players from their obligations to sponsors and create content for T1 instead.

Shaun also said, “It’s massive. You look at someone like Tyler, who has more ideas in his head than a lot of people do, and now he has the resources of an org behind him to say ‘hey I want to do this crazy shoot of XYZ’, and we can say ‘alright cool, let’s go do it.‘”

It looks like both the T1s have found themselves a perfect match. They have already started creating content and having fun, and the fans are the ones who’re going to get the most benefit.

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