Cosworth outlines what it would take for them to return to F1

January 18, 2018 8:30 pm

Cosworth is a legendary name in the world of F1. The 60-year-old automotive engineering company has collected 176 wins as an engine supplier.

The tale behind Cosworth’s birth is very interesting. The company was founded by Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth who were former employees of Lotus. The duo founded the company and supplied engines exclusively to Lotus. Later on, they started supplying engine to junior series and grew financially. This allowed Cosworth to design and sell road car engines too.

The turning point came in 1966 when Cosworth with the help of Colin Chapman persuaded Ford to sponsor the development of a new type of engine. And thus the legendary DFV engine was born which dominated Formula One for years to come. In 1998, Ford bought the company and sold it to its current owners in 2004.

The name Cosworth has been synonymous with cost-effective engines for almost the majority of the years it spent as an engine supplier. The Company last supplied engines in 2013 and is now eyeing a return. The complex V6 hybrid engines ruled out financially weak suppliers like Cosworth out of the game. The sport in 2021, intends to make the engines simpler and Cosworth is interested.

But Cosworth has ruled out returning as a sole engine supplier. Rather they’re eyeing a partnership with Aston Martin. Cosworth powertrains boss Bruce Wood wants to become a partner with Red Bull’s title sponsor to design, develop and supply engines. Aston Martin too are looking for partners to tackle the engine supply deal.

The company has had talks with Aston in this regard. Aston Martin has made it clear that they won’t be doing an engine rebatch deal. They have also made it clear that they won’t develop the engine completely on their own either. And this opens up an opportunity for the two to collaborate.

Bruce Wood has called upon Illmor to join the fray as well. However, he raised a red flag as well. Stating that undertaking an engine supply is a huge task and would require additional staffing and increasing infrastructure for anyone who does it. As a result, he says that 2022 would be the year any independent supplier would be able to supply engines.

It’ll become a little tricky for customers therefore like Red Bull. But still, the return of names like Cosworth and Aston Martin would be an immense boost for the sport. It’ll also help diffusing the concentration of power with the manufacturers. An independent supplier can raise the fortunes of the likes of Red Bull and Force India. I for one am looking forward to a potential agreement between the Aston and Cosworth. Are you?

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