Could We See a Return of the Legendary Buenos Aires Grand Prix to the F1 Calendar?

By 8 months ago

Recently, newly appointed Sports Minister, Matías Daniel Lammens spoke about some of his big targets during his tenure. He cited the Copa América 2020, the 2030 World Cup and F1 as those major targets. Speaking to AS Argentina, he said,

“We are a pole of sporting attraction, especially for the athletes we have. We would like to work to make Formula 1 come back in a few years. For Argentina it would be very interesting at a sports and tourist level. While it is an important investment I think we can work with some private sponsors to get it. Then, surely in the next few years we will have the final of the Copa Libertadores. Because of the importance of the Argentine teams, we are going to attract great things when it comes to football.”

It is also note-worthy that one of Argentina’s leading promoters was in talks with F1 owner Liberty Media. They expressed interest in hosting a Grand Prix after 20 long years.

Since its F1 debut in 1953 as the first non-European race venue, Argentina played host to 20 races. The circuit that the F1 fraternity visited was the Autódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, financial trouble put paid to the Grand Prix’s hopes of remaining on the calendat in 1998.

Is there hope for F1 in Argentina?

The good news is that a return is on the cards, owing to a change of government and Liberty Media’s F1 acquisition. Liberty Media reportedly wishes to acknowledge F1’s heritage and expand the calendar to 25 races.

The investment firm Blue Capital owns Fenix Entertainment, who have helped organise the Argentinian round of the electric-powered racing series Formula E.

According to Blue Capital CEO, Arturo Rubinstein, the government has committed to funding $30m worth of upgrades to the Autodromo. He also divulged that plans had been in place since 2013.

Argentina is no stranger to the motor racing industry, especially in recent times. This is because, aside from Formula E, it also hosts the Argentine MotoGP race since 2014. Though that race is normally held at the Termas de Rio Hondo.

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