Counter Strike: Astralis Wrap Up ESL Road To Rio Extraordinarily

May 18, 2020 12:30 pm

Counter-Strike competitive scene did not stop even during the pandemic lockdown. ESL One Road To Rio was the competition, and Astralis wrapped it up within the blink of an eye. While they were at it, they also broke the hallowed record FaZe Clan held for quite a while. The final match was with G2 Esports, where Astralis dominated them. 

The group stage was quite an overhaul for Astralis as they took down FaZe. FaZe held the unassailable record of 9 straight victories in series. This time they looked more dangerous than ever with their lineup. However, Astralis lived up to the challenge – they did not even need a third map. The first two maps (Dust2 and Inferno) wrapped up the game for Astralis. 

 Nicolai “device” Reedtz and Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen definitely were the top players for Astralis. The match was pretty balanced, but Astralis took it to a different level in Inferno. The best of three matches didn’t even make it to the third map. 

Astralis proves why they are the best Counter-Strike team

They made FaZe’s streak look like a lucky rumble. Soon they moved on to beat G2 in a similar fashion. With G2, Astralis tried their same formula – although the maps stayed in their favor too. The first map in the finals picked by Astralis was Nuke, and the pistol round was dominated by Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander. 

Within a while, we realized why Astralis picked Nuke as their first choice. It was simply because they know every nook and corner of the map. They launched a heavy assault on G2 with their 7-0 back to back wins. That map ended with a final score of 16-6.

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Astralis winning the final match in style

G2 chose the second map, and it was Vertigo. We thought that this would be the match where G2 turns things around. Unlucky for them, as Astralis seemed to have too much determination. They slammed G2 back to back for a whopping 13-2 first-half ending. We thought that would be enough. 

Nevertheless, Astralis had different plans. They killed it in the second half as well and brought it home. It was Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen who gave a spectacular performance, perhaps his all-time best. Astralis went on to wrap up Inferno with a 16-2 victory. A clean whitewash of 3-0 handed to G2 as Astralis were crowned champions. Danny Sørensen tweeted their extraordinary result to show how proud he was of the team.


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