Counter Strike Global Offensive: Greatest IGL Steps Down After Major Title Win

May 19, 2020 10:54 pm

Counter Strike Global Offensive team Astralis wrapped up ESL Rio yesterday. In their grand final clash against G2 eSports, Astralis was in no mood to dally. They absolutely steamrolled their opponents and finished up the match in no time. While fans are still celebrating the title victory, they also had to contend with some sad news today. One of the team’s star players has announced some surprising news.

Astralis was in fine fettle in the title clash against G2 eSports on Wednesday. They won the clash 2-0, winning Nuke 16-6 and Vertigo 16-2. Unsurprisingly, Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander was one of the star performers with a 34-16 K/D, racking up an ADR of 88. Moreover, his in-game leadership was vital in this victory.


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Counter Strike Global Offensive star to go on hiatus

After an enthralling victory like that, you’d expect the entire team to look forward to the next round of tournaments and carry on with their momentum. However, that is not the case with gla1ve, who has decided to step down for a while.

Turns out, the Danish professional has been battling with mental issues for some time now. having suffered from stress for a while, gla1ve is taking a hiatus of at least three months starting immediately.

He took to Twitter to announce the news and seek the support of his fans.

In his statement on TwitLonger, gla1ve revealed he has had “symptoms of stress and burnout” for a while now. He also explained how his teammates and Astralis had tried multiple methods of pulling him out of these mental issues, but to no avail.

“My teammates and the Astralis organization have tried many different things to help me out and overcome this. As it’s still going on, my doctor and I have decided that I need a break, and yesterday I have given a sick note to Astralis.”

Gla1ve is considered to be amongst the very greatest in-game leaders in competitive Counter Strike Global offensive history.

The CSGO community is certain to be disappointed with this development, however, the mental health of any person is always of supreme importance. the fans will surely understand this and stand by his decision.

In fact, a big star like gla1ve opening up on mental problems will perhaps help address the widespread issue.

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