Counter Strike Global Offensive on the Verge of Breaking Incredible Dota 2 Record

Published 04/02/2020, 11:34 AM EDT

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The globally spreading COVID-19 has forced most countries into a lockdown. Staying home for a week is fine, you get by doing this and that, but what do you do when the weeks just keep piling up? Play Counter Strike Global Offensive of course! Or at least that’s what an astonishing number of people are doing.

Counter Strike Global Offensive has always been popular. You will never really fall short of players at any given time of the day. Add to that, the current situation the planet is in, and Steam is chock full of players, queuing up for CS: GO matches.

Counter Strike Global Offensive gaining on Dota 2 record


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As popular as CS: GO has been over the years, another Valve title holds the record for the all-time peak players. Not many will have problems guessing which game that is- Dota 2.

Dota 2 set a record in March of 2016 with an astonishing 1,291,328 concurrent players. Since then, however, it reached the million mark just once, just about a year ago. In recent months, the number has hovered around the 700,00 mark.


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With the way it is going, Counter Strike Global Offensive is well on its way to displacing Dota 2 from its pedestal.

The gradual rise in the peak number of players has seen CS: GO reach new heights. Take a look below.

Look at how the popularity of the game has grown, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19 truly took a grip.


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Now take a look at the average player graph of the two games, in the last year, the green denoting CS: GO.

The two games have experienced contrasting fortunes in the past year or so.


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It looks like Counter Strike will soon take over the record for most concurrent players soon enough.

In a way, CS: GO is contributing to social distancing by keeping all these people entertained in the safety of their homes.



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