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Counter Strike Global Offensive: Salaries Of Danish Players Will Shock You

Counter Strike Global Offensive: Salaries Of Danish Players Will Shock You

Esports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is predicted to grow by 42%, by the year 2023, to a $1.56 billion industry. This has even attracted a lot of big-name celebrities like David Beckham, Michael Jordan, Drake, and Steph Curry to make investments. With an ever-growing fan base and more money than ever being pumped in, the esports players definitely get paid well for doing their jobs. But, the amount of money Danish Counter Strike Global offensive players are paid will shock you.

Competitive Counter Strike Global Offensive

CS: GO is one of the biggest and most popular esport in the world. It is also the third-highest prize pool offering title. Last year, the total prize pool offering was close to a mouth-watering $21 million. With so much money on the line, teams will pay huge amounts to sign the best players possible. But saying the Danish players are paid ‘handsomely’ would be an understatement.

Danish CS: GO giants Astralis have won 4 consecutive Majors and were the top-ranked team for almost 2 years. not surprisingly, the team comprising of legends like Dupreeh, Gla1ve, Magisk, Xyp9x, and dev1ce is one of the highest-earning teams in the world.

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Salaries of Danish players

According to a report by BT.dk, the Astralis players earn a fixed monthly salary of DKK 200,00, which is around 2.5 million DKK a year. That is roughly $305,000 a year! That is not all. In 2019, Astralis won close to 13.5 million DKK in prize money. Split between the 5, this puts an additional 2.5 million in their accounts. In total, it is close to $600,000 a year. That is an insane amount of money. Of course, this number will definitely go up if the player has any personal brand endorsements.

Even Danish soccer players don’t earn as much as them with the exception of Viktor Fischer and Andreas Bjelland.

Astralis stands out because all the players earn the same amount of money. And the reason they are able to do so is that they negotiate as a group and not individually. That is not the case with other Danish teams.

As BT.dk reports, every player in the Danish team North has a different salary. The players earn an average of 120,000 DKK a month. Furthermore, teams like Heroic and Mad Lions have modest salaries where players are paid around 55,000 DKK a month, roughly 660,000 DKK a year. The amount is not even close to what Astralis players earn but in their defense, they have been the best team in the world for 2 years straight.

Astralis players not only get a higher salary but are also the highest individual earners from prize pools. All 5 players have amassed an average of $1.5 million in individual earnings. So, if you’re looking for a career in competitive CS, it is time to move to Denmark.

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