CouRage Raises A Massive Amount For CDC

April 25, 2020 12:28 am

Prominent content creator for 100 Thieves, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, hosted a live-stream on his birthday to raise funds for the CDC Foundation in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. CouRage is well-known for hosting incredible streams on his birthday. But this year’s celebratory birthday stream was significant for a different reason close to his heart.

CouRage, assisted by his fans, raised upwards of $500,000 for the CDC Foundation in remembrance of his grandmother, who recently passed away from coronavirus. With the continuity of the COVID-19 outbreak, causing lockdowns and hospitalizations all around the globe, famous internet personalities are using their influence to create a contrast in these worrying times.

How Did CouRage Reach The Donation Goal?

CouRage began the stream on Youtube by playing Call Of Duty: Warzone and encouraged the viewers to donate money. In return, he performed engaging yet diverse challenges like playing Just Dance on stream and eating Hawaiian Pizza. The best challenge of the lot was CouRage pledging to shave his beard live on camera if he reaches $250,000 in donations.

However, the popular YouTube streamer surpassed his $250,000 donation goal, barely four hours into his 12-hour birthday charity stream. As a result, CouRage shaved his beard live on stream. Moreover, he also set up other incentives for donations such as a Bob Ross painting stream and playing with a controller.

CouRage’s companions like Seth’ Scump’ Abner, Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Hagg, and Mason’ Symfuhny’ Lanier also made appearances on the stream. After that, squad jumped into Call of Duty: Warzone matches together. It enabled CouRage to further double the donation amount to $500,000.

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Jack’s Reaction After Achieving The Donation Goal

The streamer had stated earlier that this stream was “the most important” of his life. He took to Twitter to reflect on how significant this stream was for him and stated he missed his grandma.

After he reached his goal for the donations, CouRage stated he felt his grandma wanted him to “leave a positive impact and use my platform in a positive way,” and further added, “I think I can say today that $503,000+ raised, that we did just that.”

CouRage lost his grandmother on April 15 due to illness from the virus. Therefore, he dedicated the birthday charity stream to her. He and his fans put in an incredible effort to raise such a tremendous amount of money to help those fighting COVID-19. The donation money will go towards aiding the CDC Foundation’s coronavirus emergency response fund.

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