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Cricket Controversies of 2015

Cricket Controversies of 2015

Rohit Sharma no ball

Global Warming is on a rise and so is the heat in the sporting arena of cricket. It seems that the aggression of senior players has started taking toll on them, leading to controversies both on-field and off-field. The year is about to end and when looked upon it, it was a year full of controversies. So let us analyze what all happened in terms of controversies in 2015.

Nathan Lyon dismissal

On the second day of the third Trans-Tasman Test between the Kangaroos and the Kiwis, Nathan Lyon was facing Mitchell Santner. Suddenly, a delivery shot past the back of his bat after kissing his shoulder on an attempted sweep shot by Lyon. The first slip took the catch easily and the decision was referred to the TV Umpire Nigel Llong. This was where the controversy set in.


There was a slight spot on the back of Lyon’s bat but Nigel was of the view that it could have come from anywhere and was not a conclusive proof of the ball hitting the bat owing to the fact that Snickometer didn’t show any that there was any sound of the ball hitting the bat. In fact, Lyon was himself walking towards the pavilion before he was called back. After that, Nigel Llong tried to view a possible LBW but the replay that was shown was of another delivery. All this ultimately led to wasting more than 5 minutes and it drew great criticism from everywhere.

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