Abdul Razzaq Believes MS Dhoni Conspired Against Pakistan During World Cup 2019

By 6 months ago

Ever since the Indian team lost to England, there have been debates on whether players like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli threw the game on purpose.

There are doubts that MS Dhoni purposely performed poorly in the match against England during World Cup 2019

MS Dhoni did not seem to be going for the big shots that he usually does. Even when India needed to score 10 runs an over, the former skipper did not seem to make a better effort.

In fact, Ben Stokes wrote in his book “The Fire” about the same. He felt that MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli did not make the best effort that they could have. This sparked Pakistan cricketers to come forward and claim that India lost to England so that Pakistan would not make it to the semi-finals. Abdul Razzaq is one such  player who is making this claim.

Abdul Razzaq claims that batsman-wicketkeeper did not play at par with his skills

Razzaq said that there is no doubt India, especially MS Dhoni, performed poorly on purpose. He knows that Dhoni can hit boundaries effortlessly, so blocking all shots was not acceptable.

“There is no doubt in this. I had told this at that time as well. In fact, everyone else opined the same. For a person who can hit fours and sixes at will, he was blocking everything…Hence, one tends to know.”

Another player who made this claim is Sikander Bakht. However, he stated that Ben Stokes said India threw the game on purpose. Upon fans asking exactly where Stokes said this, the England player himself responded. He said that nowhere is this written in his book and anyone who is saying this are trying to twist the words and are using it as click bait.

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Players like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli have always shown massive respect for the game. There is high doubt they lost the game on purpose. There is a better chance that the team was having an off-day.

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