Alex Hales Shows Symptoms of Coronavirus Following His Departure from PSL 2020

By 9 months ago

The Pakistan Super League 2020 (PSL 2020) is not going to continue any further. The Coronavirus outbreak is becoming severe enough for all management to cancel their events. One of the major reasons why PSL 2020 is not going ahead anymore is because a foreign player might be a victim of Coronavirus. Overseas player who might be suffering from  Coronavirus is Alex Hales.

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Alex Hales shows developing symptoms of Coronavirus

Hales is a part of the Karachi Kings. Even though his departure from the tournament was before the cancellation, his developing symptoms are a cause of concern for the management of PSL 2020. The fact that it is Alex Hales who is most probably affected by Coronavirus is revealed by Ramiz Raja. There is confirmation that all commentators and broadcasters will undergo tests for the virus as well.

“It is an unfortunate scenario. A good and right decision has been made in the end. The news is coming, you people will know more. Alex Hales has developed some symptoms and the tests are underway. We, the broadcasters and the commentators, are also undergoing tests in the next two hours.”

PCB CEO refuses to reveal the name of the overseas player

On the other hand, Pakistan Cricket Board is still trying to keep the name of Alex Hales a mystery. They did reveal that the event is not proceeding after an “overseas” player shows symptoms, the name was not in the statement. In fact, when PCB CEO Wasim Khan took to addressing the media, he did not reveal Hales. He says that the player is not in Pakistan at the moment, however, he did show symptoms in the last 24 hours.

“Well, we would like to keep the player’s name private, and we can only tell that he is an overseas player. And he is not in Pakistan at the moment. He has developed the symptoms in the last 24 hours.”

Even though the results are not yet out, the fact that Alex Hales is showing symptoms is enough to spread panic. The only way to fight this virus is staying indoors and avoiding physical contact. If a player becomes a victim of the virus, it is possible that the teammates and the management of the team will suffer as well.

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