BCCI Takes A Vote To Decide The Venue For IPL 2020

June 7, 2020 12:12 am

The fate of IPL 2020 is still hanging by a thread but with improvements. Even if the hosts decide to go forward with the event, the venue still needs to be decided.

The BCCI takes a vote to decide the venue for IPL 2020

Currently, the BCCI is sitting on a ratio of 3-2 regarding the hosting. The majority of the voters believe that it is important IPL 2020 takes place in India. The other section of the voters believe if required it should shift to a different country.

A BCCI official said that conducting the 13th season of Indian Premier League in India will be a positive sign for the citizens. On top of that, it will also mean that no one from the hosting committee or the organisation committee will need to travel abroad and follow the new guidelines. On the other hand, there is a group which believes that it is more important the event commences than where.

Due to this, the BCCI and the hosting committee are still going over the plan regarding the final venue. Finally, it’s not just about the venue or the votes, it’s also about the safety of the players. Everything needs to be taken into consideration before BCCI can release a final statement.

Players express their excitement to play in the tournament

Players across the globe have said that considering the chances of T20 World Cup commencing is bleak, they will be more than happy to comply with new rules and play in IPL 2020.

CSK player, Deepak Chahar, is of the opinion that returning to the field by beginning with IPL is a great option for all players. There are several games and the players can adjust to the pressure and intensity of being on the field. This will be better before moving on to ODIs and T20Is.

Additionally, KKR player Kuldeep Yadav has expressed his excitement to play. He said that IPL 2020 possibly commencing is a great idea and he is quite positive that everyone will give in their 100%.

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