Ben Stokes Leads From The Front Says Joe Root Comparing Him To Virat Kohli And Michael Jordan

June 18, 2020 7:27 pm

Cricket is gearing up to resume and one of the nations which play the first matches is England. The Test series between England and West Indies is supposed to commence on July 8th. Unfortunately, there is a possibility Joe Root will not be present for this event. As a result, Ben Stokes will be taking up captaincy for the match or matches that Root will not be a part of.

Ben Stokes

Joe Root compares Ben Stokes to Virat Kohli and Michael Jordan

Joe Root compares Ben Stokes with the likes of current Indian skipper Virat Kohli. He believes that the way Kohli leads his team from the front, Stokes will be doing the same. He will perform and lead his team to do the same.

You know Virat (Kohli) goes out there and performs and expects everyone to go and do the same within the same team and I imagine that’s how Ben will go about his business.”

Virat Kohli

Not only does Root compare Stokes to Kohli, but also with basketball legend Michael Jordan. He is of the opinion that Stokes makes a much better leader than him given that he is always ready to lead from the front.

“I think Ben is better… Ben would make a better ‘Michael Jordan’ than me. He (Stokes) has a great quality, leads from the front, just as Michael Jordan did you know.”

Michael Jordan

The vice-captain is ready to take up the role of a captain

Moreover, Ben Stokes is stoked to be able to assist Joe Root in his hour of need. In fact, he says that he is more than happy to be “the Scottie Pippen to Joe Root’s Michael Jordan”, making a reference to legendary Basketball team Chicago Bulls (late 1990’s).

There is no doubt that Stokes will be able to lead the England team just as well. He has proven his worth on-field and has earned his well-deserved share of respect in the cricket industry.

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