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Best Solution Is To Replicate Typical Crowd Noises – Jofra Archer Talks About Cricket Without An Audience

Best Solution Is To Replicate Typical Crowd Noises – Jofra Archer Talks About Cricket Without An Audience

Jofra Archer recently opened up about how he felt right after his delivery hit Australian batsman Steve Smith on the head. This happened during Ashes 2019.

Jofra Archer reveals his thoughts after a fast delivery hit Steve Smith

He said that the incident reminded him of Phil Hughes. The former Australian batsman passed away after suffering an injury from a delivery during a match in 2014.

Phil Hughes
Phil Hughes knocked out by bouncer

Jofra Archer said that initially he thought the delivery had struck the helmet. However, he soon realised that was not the case and Steve Smith had gone down.

While speaking to Talksport radio, he says, “My first reaction was that it hit the helmet but a few seconds after he went down, everyone was like ‘Oh no’.”

Jofra Archer bowls to Steve Smith
Jofra Archer’s delivery hits Steve Smith

However, Steve Smith emerged from that injury stronger. The England team bowler reveals that he was truly glad after the Australian batsman recovered.

The England bowler pens down his thoughts about cricket without an audience in his Daily Mail column

Coming to the current events of the cricket industry, Archer says that it will be different to play without the presence of an audience. He feels that if artificial sounds are used to replicate the typical crowd noises, then it might help.

The best solution, if we do have to play behind closed doors, might be to have cheers and clapping when someone hits a four or a wicket falls. These are the little things that will make it as normal as possible even though it won’t be a normal occasion.“

Jofra Archer has not played for the England national squad since the Boxing Day Test against South Africa. He suffered from a stress factor which led to mandatory rest. However, this collided with the current Coronavirus situation. As of now, all players are observing the lockdown rules of their respective countries and cities.

Archer might return to the training programme that the ECB is trying to put in place. This will help elite players restart their training with proper guidance.

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