Cricket Australia Sacks Batting Coach Graeme Hick Due To Financial Concerns

June 17, 2020 4:25 pm

Cricket Australia, along with other cricket and sporting boards, is facing the consequences of the  COVID-19 outbreak. Amidst this, CA has been making decisions that will help with managing their finances. One such measure was to lay off certain staff. As per reports, they have taken off 40 people from their organisation which includes batting coach Graeme Hick.

Cricket Australia sacks batting coach Graeme Hick

Graeme Hick was sacked from his job at Cricket Australia one day after Kevin Roberts resigned as Chief Executive. Additionally, men’s team psychotherapist Kevin Sims will not continue either. CA expects to save approximately $40m from the 2020-2021 season budget with these cost reductions.

Graeme Hick has represented England for 120 ODIs and 65 Tests.  He is a coach of great respect given that several players have improved significantly under his coaching.

Chairman Earl Eddings makes a statement about the current financial situation of CA

Chairman Earl Eddings said that right now the focus is on working closely with the community. Therefore, they will be making changes as per requirement. There is nothing more important than taking the cricket industry forward.

Eddings adds that CA has managed to battle the financial blow. Regrettably, there are pending difficult decisions that need to yet take place. However, he believes the organisation is making all decisions to move high-performance cricket forward and ensure financial stability.

Unfortunately, CA sympathises with the staff who have been laid off, but right now their ambition is clear. The plan is to make sure Cricket Australia comes out prosperous in the long term.

“There will still be painful decisions for some parts of our organisation. But we have worked hard to carefully develop plans to protect our investment in community cricket and high-performance cricket. While ensuring the game’s financial sustainability.”

However, our responsibility is clear: to navigate a path for cricket through this period of uncertainty and disruption to ensure we come out the other side sustainable in the short term and prosperous in the long term.


Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury

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