David Warner and Two Other Star Cricketers in Brad Hogg’s Powerplay List

March 29, 2020 3:28 pm

Former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg is keeping himself and his fans entertained through a question and answer session on twitter. He recently chose David Warner, Suresh Raina and Jos Buttler as his top favorite in IPL.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the cricketers to sit at their homes and be in self quartination. The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in all the sporting events getting canceled or postponed. 

Many cricketers have been utilizing this time by interacting with fans, answering their questions and posting videos of their workouts or activities indoors. 

Like all other cricketers, Brad Hogg is also quite active on twitter and is conducting numerous Question-Answer sessions. The 49 year old is trying to keep the game of cricket alive by sharing his knowledge about the same through his vlogs. 

The coronavirus scare has shut down all the cricketing tournaments and events. As a result, there is no cricket right now for fans to watch. 

Hogg is known for sharing his thoughts about the game and players unabashedly. On Saturday (March 28), he shared a video on his twitter handle revealing his three favorite powerplay batsmen in IPL. 

The content of the video surprised the viewers as Brad didn’t choose cricket legends like Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers in his top 3.

Instead, the wrist spin bowler picked India’s Suresh Raina, Australia’s David Warner, and England’s Jos Buttler as his best batsmen in the IPL powerplay.

Here’s the video by Brad Hogg

Brad uploaded the video with the caption, “Righty-o, as promised, here’s the first video of a new series. Who are the 3 BEST batsmen in the IPL – in the POWERPLAY overs? Any honorable mentions? Let’s find out on this episode of #HoggsVlog. Watch the full vlog here: https://youtu.be/DJfoD6o3nt0” 

Hogg explains why he chose David Warner, Suresh Raina, and Jos Buttler

In the video, he also explained why he chose these three, saying Warner is strong on both sides of the field while his abilities with diligent running between the wickets forced him to go for him.

He further explained why he picked Raina. Hogg believes that Raina can pick specific bowlers to target and revive CSK’s innings when they are in trouble. The Australian bowler picked Buttler for his innovative shots. 

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