Ellyse Perry Highlights The Significance of WT20WC Finals In Women’s Cricket

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Ellyse Perry, Australia’s all-rounder, could not play in the Women’s T20s finals between India and Australia. However, she said that the finals is not about any individual player but about the entire team as a whole.

Ellyse Perry recalls her experience during the Women’s T20 finals

Perry says to cricket.com.au, “Personally it was poor timing and I would have loved to have played in the rest of the tournament, absolutely without a doubt. But at the same time, it’s not about me.”

Perry goes on to say that when she recalls the event, it doesn’t even seem like it was just the Australian team. She feels that the finals managed to create an impactful moment in Women’s cricket.

“It was just about the event, the moment in women’s cricket that it created was just absolutely incredible. Hopefully what it does for the sport has a flow-on effect.“

Ellyse Perry in action for the Australian cricket Team.
Picture Source: cricket.co.au

The Australian player believes the finals had a bigger impact on Women’s cricket as a whole

Finally, Ellyse Perry said that the entire team acknowledges the impact the finals had on Women’s cricket. The efforts and development put into Women’s cricket ensured that the tournament was much bigger than anything anticipated.

“And I think that was something the team was really quick to acknowledge. All the past players and all the effort that’s been put into developing women’s cricket over the last little bit, it made that whole tournament so much bigger than just the tournament itself.“

The all-rounder took the time to be thankful for being allowed to stick around for the finals. She thanks her coach, Matthew Motty, and the other members of the Australian staff who let her be around during the finals.

The finals between Australia and India had one of the biggest audience turnouts in the history of Women’s Cricket. There were 86,174 spectators. This made the event the largest in Australia and the 2nd largest globally in Women’s sporting events.

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