Graeme Smith Receives Permanent Director Position for CSA

April 17, 2020 3:43 pm

Former South Africa Cricket team captain, Graeme Smith, has been bestowed with a two-year position as the permanent director of Cricket South Africa.

Initially, the former skipper held this position on an interim basis. However, as of now, the reigns are complete in his hands to bring South Africa cricket back on track.

Chief Executive of CSA gives his opinion about the position

Acting Chief Executive of CSA, Dr. Jacques Faul, said that Graeme Smith is one of the individuals who holds the capacity to put things back on track. The former skipper comes with determination, work ethics, and sufficient expertise to lead the way.

Graeme has made a huge impact with his energy, expertise, hard work ethic and characteristic determination and passion he has brought to the position during the six months he has served in an acting capacity.

Furthermore, Dr. Faul says that there is substantial amount of work that needs to be done from this point onwards. Therefore, it is only suitable that Graeme Smith is given the position since he had led South Africa across all three cricket formats. On top of that, Smith has put together a technical support group. The generic black component is more than 70% across the board.

“As far as the technical and support teams he has put together are concerned, the black generic component amounted to more than 70 percent across the board and the Black African component varied between 30 and 60 percent for the Proteas for the home International season.”

Graeme Smith expresses his delight over receiving the position of permanent director

Even Graeme Smith cannot contain his delight about the new position. He feels that this makes planning for the future much more constructive. His plans begin at ensuring the South Africa cricket is once again viewed as one of the leaders in the game.

Smith’s captaincy record for South Africa Cricket team stands at 108 Tests between 2003 and 2013. Overall he has played in 197 ODIs, 117 Tests, and 33 T20s.

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