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“I Am Over It Now” – David Warner Expresses His Dismay About Continuous Lockdown

“I Am Over It Now” – David Warner Expresses His Dismay About Continuous Lockdown

David Warner

The pandemic has been a deal breaker for every individual around the globe. The lockdown protocols of each nation means that no one can step out. One industry that continues to suffer the consequences of the lockdown is the sports industry. Players have started expressing how they are running out of patience and want to get back on-field. One such player who took to Twitter to express himself is David Warner.

David Warner expresses his annoyance about the continuous lockdown

The Australian opener has been quite active on social media during the lockdown. He uploaded several videos on social media where he shows off his creativity. Almost all of the videos feature his wife and daughter. However, now he takes to Twitter to express his annoyance over the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

David Warner said that now he is starting to get over the lockdown and is tired of the shadow practice in his backyard. All he wants is to get back on-field and start batting.

On a better note, David Warner posted another video where he shows off his baking skills. This time we see him having a Sunday baking session with his family.

IPL 2020 might take precedent over ICC T20 World Cup

Now, there is a good chance that stadiums will reopen and players will begin their practice. Unfortunately, it does not look like any tournament will take place with spectators present. The committees are looking into having games without an audience but it will take away the energy.

On top of that, two of the major events of 2020 are on hold because of the outbreak – IPL 2020 and T20 World Cup. Currently, BCCI and ICC will have to decide which event will take priority over the other. Australia’s ex captain, Ian Chappell, is of the opinion that IPL 2020 will be end up being the tournament that goes ahead towards the latter end of the year.

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