I Could Never Do That – Pat Cummins Comments On David Warner’s TikTok Videos

May 3, 2020 4:34 pm

The world has been under lockdown for a while now due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, it seems as though some of the players are trying their creativity side during this break. One of the players who have taken to express his creativity is David Warner. Now, Pat Cummins talks about how he could never do that.

Kolkata Knight Riders post video of Pat Cummins comment on David Warner’s videos

In a video posted on Twitter by Kolkata Knight Riders (Indian Premier League franchise), it shows an interview with Pat Cummings and clippings of David Warner’s TikTok videos.

The interviewer tells Pat Cummins about how David Warner has been keeping others entertained with his videos. Cummins says that Warner has high energy and a funny side. Hence, these videos are a great way for the audience to get to know this side of him.

However, he adds that there is no way he will feature in any of Warner’s videos once they are on tour. The interviewer says that there is a bigger chance that David Warner will bring the leotard along on tour. Cummins agrees by saying “probably will”.

The first clipping shows the Australian player dancing with his daughter. The second clipping is of the entire family doing recreating a popular TikTok video. Finally, the third shows David Warner in his cricket uniform while his wife does Kayaking inside the house.

Watch the full video of the interview

The times are difficult and there is no clarity on when things will go back to normal. Given that everyone is battling to keep their mental strength intact, it’s great for the fans and audience when such renowned players create entertainment videos.

Individuals from the sports industry have a huge impact on their fan base. Therefore, if David Warner is taking the time to create videos for his audience, this effort must be appreciated at all cost.


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