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“If It Wasn’t For The NHS, Who Knows Where We Would Be” – Ben Stokes Pays Tribute To NHS Staff

“If It Wasn’t For The NHS, Who Knows Where We Would Be” – Ben Stokes Pays Tribute To NHS Staff

Ben Stokes

The entire world is still facing the adverse effects of a strict lockdown. However, it seems as though everyone is starting to realise who the true heroes are. Ben Stokes, the hailed hero of World Cup and Ashes, is one of the individuals who came forward with an admirable statement. 

The true heroes of the world are the health and essential workers 

The England Player said that people who work during dangerous times, risking their own lives to save the lives of others are the true hero. It’s not only living up to a commitment they made, but also an extremely inspiring act. 

Stokes makes it a point to mention that what sport personalities do on field deifnitely bring joy to the spectators. However, winning a cup for the nation does not compare with risking your own life for someone else. In fact, the NHS workers are risking their own lives to make sure the nation can start functioning normally again. 

“We’re sportsmen who go out to perform and entertain as much as we can, and that brings a bit of joy to people’s lives of course, but it doesn’t really compare to what the NHS workers are doing for people.”


Ben Stokes talks about how the world will be in doom without the health workers

Ben Stokes adds that there will come a time when the world, cricket, and other activities will go back to being what it was. However, right now there is no saying when and how sports will come back. 

On the other hand, there is one thing completely clear. If it wasn’t for the health workers, or NHS workers in the UK, the world will never go back to its normal activities. 

Sport will be back, don’t worry about that, but right now the health of the nation comes first and if it wasn’t for the NHS who knows where we would be.”

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