“I’ll Give You Anything To Not Use The Bat” – MS Dhoni To Matthew Hayden About The Mongoose Bat

May 9, 2020 6:43 pm

The mongoose bat owned by Matthew Hayden is one has attracted a lot of attention. It was with this bat the Australian player scored 93 runs from 43 balls during IPL 2010 against Delhi Daredevils. However, now he reveals that the entire concept of using a bat with a longer handle and smaller blade did not receive the confidence it should have.

Matthew Hayden reveals how MS Dhoni did not want him using the Mongoose bat

Now, Matthew Hayden reveals how Chennai Super Kings skipper, MS Dhoni, said about him using the bat. He says that MS Dhoni actually said that if Hayden does not use the bat, he will give the Australian player anything.

During a session on the CSK Instagram page with Rupha Ramani, he says, “I’ll (Dhoni) give you anything you want in life, to not use this bat! Please do not use this bat.”

The Australian player takes a decision he feels is best

However, continuing the video he said that as a player he has been using the Mongoose bat for almost one and half year. He explains the theory behind the bat. A bat with a smaller blade is capable of taking the ball at least 20 metres further than normal bats. 

I’ve been using this bat for practice for about a year and a half and when it hits the middle of the bat it goes 20 metres further.”

Matthew Hayden further says that while he did not want to put his franchise at risk, he still was courageous. Considering he was one the who practiced with the bat and knew the pros and cons, it seems as though he did take a wise decision on his part.

“It was a courageous decision to use it and believed it was going to make my game better. On a couple of occasions, I used it, I loved it, it was fun.”

Even Suresh Raina said that Matthew Hayden’s innings against Delhi Daredevils is one of his favourites.

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