Indian Government Drops Huge News Ahead of IPL 2020

March 12, 2020 5:51 pm

The fate of IPL 2020 is under-question due to the massive outbreak of the Coronavirus. There are a number of justifications as to why the event must go ahead, however, the health implications are just too severe. As of now, there are over 60 positive cases of Coronavirus in India and over 4000 cases of death globally due to the virus. Hence, the Indian Government has to intervene in order to ensure the right precautions are being taken.

Indian Government imposes visa restrictions

As of now, the BCCI was ensuring the audience that the event will go forward according to plans. However, the Indian Government made an announcement of imposing visa restrictions on all categories except diplomatic and employment. This means that foreign players will not be able to fly-in for IPL 2020 until 15th April.

On top of that, the Maharashtra Government is taking this matter as first priority. With the rise in numbers, the Maharashtra Government is putting two cards on the table. One is either to cancel and commence the event at a later date. The next option is to have IPL 2020 with any audience. This means that audience can view all the games by digitally streaming them.

BCCI considers making the IPL 2020 a no-audience event

Initially, the BCCI was dismissing these suggestions. However, now that Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, discussions about the event’s fate is undergoing. There are officials who are letting the audience and media know that BCCI is considering having the event behind closed doors. On the other hand, if IPL 2020 becomes a no-audience event, then the stakeholders will suffer huge losses. Ultimately, the decision will be that of the officials and Government together.

“We are discussing the possibility of playing IPL behind closed doors. Compensation for teams to be discussed on Saturday.”

A meeting will take place on the 14th of March. This meeting will ultimately decide the fate of IPL 2020.

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