Indian Government Warns BCCI to Not Proceed with IPL 2020

March 20, 2020 7:30 pm

Indian Premier League is a highly popular event. In fact, IPL is the annual cricket carnival of the world. However, the 13th edition of the season, IPL 2020, is suffering the consequences of Coronavirus. As of now, there’s no guarantee about whether the event will proceed or not.

IPL 2020 franchise owners will suffer a loss regardless of how the event proceeds

On the other hand, the franchise owners of IPL 2020 probably do not want to suffer huge losses. If the event does not occur, the loss will be of a huge magnitude. However, if it does proceed without an audience, the loss will be considerably less. One of the reasons is that ticket prices are insured. Therefore, that can be recovered. Losses from sale of merchandise is affordable while loss from giving player salaries without the game is not.

Also, the essence of IPL 2020 or rather any season is the gathering of all global players. Following the Coronavirus outbreak, the Indian Government is not granting visas to any foreign nationals. Since this is the case, the foreign players are unable to travel to India. The franchises are ready to have the event with no audience but they want the foreign players. The IPL 2020 committee did try to appeal to the Government to grant visas, but they did not get a positive reaction.

A BCCI source reveals that the committee is ready to go forward without an audience.

“It could be TV-only as it is a medical emergency and we can do nothing about that.”

Government advices BCCI to not go ahead with the event

Dammu Ravi, the Secretary of MEA and coordinator of COVID-19 said that the Government will not advice the organisers. He says that at the end of the day it is the organisers who have to decide the fate of IPL 2020.

“Our advice would be to not do it at this time but if they want to go ahead, it is their decision.”



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