“Indians are dying to work with Pakistan” – Shoaib Akhtar

March 16, 2020 4:42 pm

Shoaib Akhtar has often taken to the Internet to express positive feelings about India. In fact, in a video that is on his YouTube Channel, he says that there is no rivalry between the common people of India and Pakistan. Hence, to take political disturbances and impose it on the citizens of both nations is not acceptable. Hence, the fact that the two countries do not play bilateral series anymore must come to an end.

India is a great place, the people are amazing. Never did I feel that they want any animosity or any type of war with Pakistan. But, when I went to their TVs etc. it feels as if war will happen tomorrow.“

Shoaib Akhtar opens up about Indo-Pak relationship

Now, the former Pakistan pace bowler says that India is dying to work with Pakistan. This bold expression is heard coming from him during a recent interview. He says that he believes India’s path to progress goes via Pakistan.

have traveled extensively across India, have seen the country very closely, I can say today, India is dying to work with Pakistan. India’s path of progress goes through Pakistan, I am convinced.

Furthermore, Shoaib Akhtar addresses the current state of IPL 2020. His statements reveal that he hopes India does not incur the huge loss that will follow if IPL does not happen.

I hope India does not incur this loss and I hope they prosper, but it is all happening which is unfortunate.”

The former pace bowler talks about Coronavirus

This is not the first time he hints towards the spreading of Coronavirus. Previously, he did talk about how the cuisine culture of China is affecting the entire world. Not only did he express his anger but also questions the choice of food.

“I’m talking about the Chinese people. They have put the world at stake. I really don’t understand how can you eat bats, dogs, and cats. I’m really angry.”

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