IPL 2020: BCCI and Franchises Will Get on a Conference Call to Decide The Fate of The Event

March 21, 2020 3:26 pm

IPL 2020 is facing various issues due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Initially, the BCCI and IPL committee decided to go ahead with the event without an audience. Unfortunately, at that point the Indian Government put a ban on foreign visas. Now, the franchises did not want to go forward with the event given that the foreign players could not participate.

Discussions regarding the fate of IPL 2020 are still on-going

The discussions are going to and fro and there is not tentative date. As of now, the first match will be on the 15th of April. Considering the rise in the virus threat, there is a possibility that this match will not go ahead. The IPL 2020 management put forward a plea to allow the foreign players to come to India. Unfortunately, this plea did not go forward in favour of the IPL franchises. The losses that the franchises will suffer without an audience is significant lower than the loss they will suffer if the event is cancelled.

Now, a report by ANI has come forward which talks about a new conference call. The BCCI and the IPL 2020 committee will get on a conference call on 24th March to decide the future of the event.

“BCCI and IPL franchise to have a conference call on coming Tuesday to discuss the process and further way of IPL 2020.”

The Coronavirus threat is getting severe by the day

The number of cases in India are rising rapidly. Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory there is no gathering of large crowds at any location. It is important that physical contact is completely abandoned as well. Globally, the virus has claimed over 10,000 lives. The situation is extremely severe. It’s severe enough that even the BCCI is asking all its employees to works from home.

“BCCI office has closed so no meeting can be held there similarly no meeting can be held in the hotel so they have opted conference call.” 

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