IPL 2020: BCCI Might Delay the Event Further Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

By 9 months ago

The threat of Coronavirus is causing panic globally. Amongst all of this, one of the events suffering the consequences of the virus is IPL 2020. The Indian Premier League is the annual cricket carnival of the world. Therefore, a number of investors, broadcasters, and foreign agencies have an association with the event.

IPL 2020 might get delayed further than April 15th

Initially, to address the Coronavirus caution, the BCCI had taken the decision of postponing the event to April 15th. Now, the number of positive cases in India is crossing 400. The global cases number up to almost over 338,000. In fact, this disease has claimed the life of 14,000 individuals. Unfortunately, due to the alarming rise of cases in India, it is possible that BCCI will decide to push back IPL 2020 further.

According to various sources, both BCCI and the IPL 2020 committee are trying to come to a tentative date. In the light of current events, there is a possibility that the 13th season of Indian Premier League will be cancelled altogether. The two committees are getting on a conference call on the 24th of March to decide the fate of the event.

“BCCI and IPL franchise to have a conference call on coming Tuesday to discuss the process and further way of IPL 2020. BCCI office has closed so no meeting can be held there similarly no meeting can be held in the hotel so they have opted conference call.”

The event will not go forward without the foreign players

Even if the committees decide a date, the next factor are the foreign visas. The Indian Government is exercising bans on all foreign visas. Therefore, the foreign players will not be able to fly to India till the ban is on-going. The Indian Premier League franchises are not willing to go ahead with the event without the foreign players. On the other hand, the franchises are ready to proceed with the event without the audience. Only time will say what happens with the 13th edition of the cash-rich league.


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