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IPL 2020: BCCI will Monitor Effects of India Lockdown Before Making Any Further Decisions

IPL 2020: BCCI will Monitor Effects of India Lockdown Before Making Any Further Decisions

The 13th season of the Indian Premier League is not going to commence on the 29th of March. In fact, earlier this month the BCCI along with the IPL 2020 committee decided to postpone the date to 15th of April.

India will be under lockdown for the next 21 days

On the 24th of March, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, called for a nation wide lockdown of 21 days. If all goes well, this lockdown will end on 15th April. As of now, it all depends on how effectively the lockdown can curb the spread of Coronavirus.

BCCI will be closely monitoring the situation to decide what happens to IPL 2020

The Indian board along with the IPL franchises are keeping their hopes high. The BCCI is closely monitoring the situation. Only time will say whether the event will commence on 15th April or not. Currently, the board is not going to make another change to the date. The idea is to monitor the results of the lockdown and decide accordingly.

“See IPL is already postponed till April 15 and we are watching the situation very closely. We will see how the situation develops and will take a decision accordingly. Currently, we are not thinking about all those things. Let these things settle down and then only we can start working on it. So, till April 15, we will wait and watch.”

IPL 2020

On top of that, it is also confirmed that there is no further conferences call on the schedule. This makes it clear that both BCCI and the IPL 2020 committee are going to wait and monitor the situation. Only when there is clarity can a decision be set upon. For now, everyone needs to follow the protocols to ensure Coronavirus does not spread further.

“There is no point of having a conference call or to discuss because there is no clarity. Once everything is clear only then can we make a call about what is the further course of action. There is nothing which can be sorted out as of now due to the current situation.”



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