IPL 2020 Franchises Ready To Compromise After Coronavirus Outbreak

March 12, 2020 7:22 pm

IPL 2020 is the World’s annual cricket carnival. Now, due to the coronavirus outbreak, there is no saying what the fate of the event will be. There are certain conclusions that are being drawn from various statements, but nothing can be said for sure.

IPL 2020 will be a no-audience event

The first decision that the franchises, BCCI, and the Government agree upon is to have IPL 2020 without audience. Even though this is not ideal at all, however, having the event this way is better than not having it. However, the bigger issue is not the audience but the foreign players.

According to the new rules of the Indian Government, there will be no granting of foreign visas until 15th April. This applies to everyone except those who fall under the diplomat or employment category. This renders the coming of the foreign players to India impossible. One of the primary features of Indian Premier League is the foreign players going to India for the different games. The franchises are ready to abide by all the rules and suffer all the loses. However, they still want the foreign players to be in the country when IPL 2020 begins.

“The BCCI must sit down and speak to the central government to make an exception and allow the foreign players to come in before April 15 as the IPL loses its sheen otherwise.”

Another possibility is to delay the event. Unfortunately, that will clash with the future commitments of both Indian and International players. Even the broadcasters of IPL 2020 are not accepting postponing the event. According to the franchises managements, if the IPL does not happen then the losses will be unimaginable than compared to what they will suffer without an audience.

IPL loses its essence without foreign players

One of the officials said that the BCCI will need to sit down with the Central Government and come to a decision where the foreign players can come for IPL 2020.

“Proteas are already in the country, so as per the directive, they can easily stay back. Also, if you see, the Englishmen are already in Sri Lanka and the Kiwis are playing the Aussies in Australia, so they are anyway on the road.”

Radhey Shyam, The Union Sports Secretary, said that it is the State Government’s responsibility to control the crowd. If an event cannot commence at a later date, then it is the organisers, BCCI, and State Government who should come up with a way to control the crowd or avoid the gathering of a crowd.


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