IPL 2020: Suresh Raina Opens Up About The Future of the Tournament

April 4, 2020 2:57 pm

The global Coronavirus outbreak is bringing life as we know it to a grinding halt. Various events, tournaments, and other gatherings are getting cancelled. Within the cricket industry, the first event that is facing the consequences of this virus is IPL 2020.

IPL 2020 continues to be at the verge of getting cancelled

The global pandemic continues to affect individuals everyday. More than 2,000 people in India are affected and the number is increasing by the day. However, there is no saying how long the spread will continue or when the Government will lift the nationwide lockdown.

Now, Suresh Raina, the Vice captain of Chennai Super Kings is coming forward with his opinion. While it is important that IPL 2020 resumes as soon as possible, the safety of people are much more important than anything else.

Life is most important at this point of time. IPL can surely wait. We all need to follow the government guidelines on lockdown else we all face the consequences. When life gets better, we can think about IPL.”

Suresh Raina says that while IPL 2020 is getting delayed, he is trying to spend quality time with his family. For now, he is relaxing and looking at the moments that come from the life behind cricket.

On top of that, he says that right now he is happily contributing to life inside home. He enjoys cooking for his wife and son who are currently in recovery.

I am used to cooking since my hostel days, so I enjoy doing that. Wife (who gave birth to a boy last week) and kid are still recovering, so happy to contribute with the household work.”

Suresh Raina talks about MS Dhoni’s excellent practice sessions

Additionally, Raina comments on his reunion with MS Dhoni for the IPL 2020 practise. He remembers  how Dhoni’s batting was extremely good and the two months they spent together in camp. Finally, he talks about how Dhoni practiced his batting for three hours at a stretch.

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