IPL All-Stars Match Rescheduled for the End of IPL 2020

February 21, 2020 11:38 am

Sourav Ganguly, the president of the BCCI, has taken positive initiatives in the recent past. One of the initiatives most talked about was the emphasis on India playing the first day-night Test series. However, the organisation had earlier proposed another positive initiative. This was the IPL All-Stars match, a charity game. The event’s original schedule was three days prior to IPL.

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IPL All-Stars not cancelled

Now, the IPL GC, Brijesh Patel confirms that the event has not been cancelled. He released a statement saying the event has been postponed to the end of IPL 2020.

“We are not calling it off, it has just been postponed to the end of the tournament. We wanted to see how the players are performing, and on the basis of that, form the teams for the All-Star match.”

One of the primary reasons for the change of date is due to the concerns of the franchises. The management for a number of IPL 2020 teams were concerned about losing any players from injury during the All-Stars charity game. Additionally, the franchises raised the issue that this decision was taken without consulting them. Therefore, to ensure the IPL 2020 progresses smoothly, the BCCI has taken the decision to postpone the charity event and make it an annual one as well.

The President’s statement

On the other hand, Sourav Ganguly released a statement to bring everyone up-to-speed about the delay. First, he clarified that the event is definitely going to take place. However, the Board needs some more time to float the tenders.

“The IPL governing council had met last Sunday and it was decided to hold the game at the end of the season. The board needed enough time to float the tenders for the game. The game is on.”

Secondly, the BCCI president assured everyone that the All-Stars charity game has no relation to the Bangladesh Cricket Board proposing to host World XI vs Asia XI. Lastly, the decision for who will play in the two teams are yet to be decided. Furthermore, the IPL All-Stars event will be similar to the NBA conducted All-Stars.

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