“IPL can’t Happen in this Situation” – Says BCCI Official

April 12, 2020 8:41 pm

After the extension of the 21 days lockdown in the country, it is almost certain that IPL will be postponed for an indefinite time. 

The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected sporting events across the world. The cricket fraternity also had to face the heat of the COVID-19 outbreak as all the cricket tournaments and series were either canceled or suspended for the time being. 

BCCI had earlier suspended the IPL 2020 till April 14 after the virus started to spread in the country. However, the pandemic is rapidly rising in India. More than 8300 have tested positive for the virus while nearly 270 have lost their life. Globally the coronavirus has claimed more than 108,800 lives and infected 1,780,700 people thus far. 

The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League was scheduled to start on March 29. The opening match was between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. 

IPL will certainly not be canceled: BCCI official

Upon receiving the news of lockdown being extended, PTI got in touch with a BCCI official to know about the fate of the Indian Premier League. 

The official revealed that BCCI is in no mood to cancel the tournament as it would cost them approximately Rs. 3000 crore. He also added that the tournament is postponed as of now and the board is looking at the alternative options. 

BCCI official said, “Three states Punjab, Maharashtra, and Karnataka have already said that they are extending lockdown. It is implied that IPL can’t happen for the time being. But it will certainly not be canceled. It will be postponed indefinitely,” 

He further added, “We can’t cancel IPL as it means losses to the tune of Rs 3000 crore. The BCCI will work with all stakeholders to find a solution but for that normalcy needs to return. It’s not possible for BCCI bigwigs to commit that IPL can happen at which particular slot,” 

“There are a lot of ifs and buts at the moment. You can only have a meaningful discussion when things normalize. Till then, nothing can be said,” the anonymous official said. 

At present, there is a possibility of BCCI hosting the league in September and early October if the ICC decides to postpone the T20 World Cup. 

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