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“KP Likes the Spotlight” Kesrick Williams on Kevin Pietersen

“KP Likes the Spotlight” Kesrick Williams on Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen

West Indies bowler Kesrick Williams slammed former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen for saying that he isn’t good enough and has nothing special apart from his celebration. Williams made headlines in the month of December last year due to his on-field spat with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. 

In one of the T20 matches during West Indies tour of India in December, Virat Kohli did a notebook gesture to Kesrick Williams after hitting him for a six. This was the small payback by the Indian skipper. The incident got viral on social media and was a topic of discussion among the cricket fans. 

During that time Kevin Pietersen had insulted the West Indies speedster on twitter while replying to a tweet by a fan. KP had written, “Completely disagree. He’s not good enough! He has nothing special apart from his celebration.” 


Kesrick Williams gives a fitting reply to Kevin Pietersen

After 5 months to that particular incident, Kesrick Williams finally opened up how he feels about the comment by former cricketer Kevin Pietersen. Williams accused KP of making such absurd comments to be in limelight. Williams told International Cricket Network 360, “KP likes the spotlight. Nothing wrong with liking the spotlight but it is the way how you get the spotlight. At that point, nobody spoke to KP. He was not important. KP was off the map and KP just wanted a reason to be on the map,”

Talking about his saga with Virat Kohli, Williams said that Pietersen forced himself in that argument to be in the spotlight on Twitter. He further added that since Kevin couldn’t pinpoint Kohli, he chose a weak target between the two. Williams said, “Okay ‘here we go – Kohli and Kesrick saga. I can’t rap Kohli because Kohli is the big man. Let me just go after this guy who isn’t as big as Kohli. Who just start playing, who just started making a name for himself. Let me hit on Kesrick, let me see if he replies. Then we start something on Twitter, and then I get back into the spotlight because right now Kesrick is in the spotlight, because he has something going on with India captain. I am going to jump on that’. That’s what KP did,” 

When asked about his relationship with Kevin Pietersen, Williams said that he would always respect the former player and would greet him with a genuine smile. The pacer added, “When he did it, I didn’t say much. If I see KP right now, I would say ‘Hi legend, a pleasure to meet you, man. I won’t fake it, I would mean it. I would never disrespect KP. Sometimes you have to choose your battles, and I would never get into a battle with KP,” 

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