Live Cricket Will Resume When The Government Allows It Says Stuart Broad

May 1, 2020 1:35 pm

One of the industries that has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic is the sports industry. There is no guarantee on when the tournaments will resume.  Veteran England player, Stuart Broad, believes that it will be a while before the cricket industry returns to normal. 

Stuart Broad believes that cricket will not resume anytime soon

Every nation is under a lockdown and if not, the borders are sealed off. Therefore, tournaments cannot take place if national teams travel across borders. England is one of the countries that have declared that all matches are suspended until the 1st of July. 

Stuart Broad said to BBC that there is no way the sport will take any risks. Even though staying at home without any on-field events is an unusual way of life, they will do what needs to be done. The veteran player states that the only time live cricket will resume is once the Governments around the world render it safe. 

Stuart Broad

It’s strange for players. It does still feel a long way away from getting back to playing cricket. One thing is for sure the sport won’t take any risks. We will only be back playing live cricket when it has been deemed safe to do so by the government.”

Several talks of behind-the-door tournaments are on-going

Moreover, he says that there have been talks about resuming cricket without an audience. One primary way of doing so is playing on grounds that already have accommodation. This way the players can avoid travelling. However, even in this situation, there will be passing of the ball around the field which ultimately results in a varied form of physical contact. 

Stuart Broard ends by saying, “We just have to make sure we are doing everything we can right now as players and don’t delay playing due to fitness reasons once we are told to play.”

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