Mitchell Starc Comes Forward With His Take On Cricketers Choosing To Play IPL 2020 Over T20 World Cup

May 26, 2020 3:40 pm

The unfortunate outbreak of Coronavirus left several tournaments hanging by the thread. One such tournament is Indian Premier League 2020. Now, Mitchell Starc is of the opinion the if IPL 2020 clashes with other events, then the players must decide which one they want to play.

Mitchell Starc believes that the players should make a decision between two pre-existing contracts

The BCCI have revealed that they are trying to commence the tournament during the latter half of the year. This window will probably clash with the T20 World Cup which is to take place in Australia. Starc believes that there shouldn’t be any problem if players wish to play IPL over domestic cricket. In fact, he himself doesn’t have an issue with this.

“Do I have an issue with it? I don’t think so. They’re pre-existing contracts. There’s a lot of things that would have to go into that I assume. Cricket Australia would have to clear those guys so if they’re clear to go, I don’t see a problem with it.”

Since these are preexisting contracts, they would have been playing already. However, the decision between domestic cricket and international league is an interesting one and only the players can make this decision.

The left arm pacer does not hold a contract for IPL 2020

Mitchell Starc currently does not have an IPL 2020 contract. Moreover, he said that if he did have one, he would think about which to opt for at the beginning of the domestic season.

I’d consider it, I’d think about it. Obviously it’d be right at the start of our domestic season as well so it’d be a fair bit to consider. But I don’t currently have a contract, so I currently don’t have to worry.”

Australian players need to acquire a permit from Cricket Australia before they can play internationally leagues. The permits are given without hassle any hassle.

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