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“New Zealand giving India a lesson“ – Michael Vaughan

“New Zealand giving India a lesson“ – Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan is usually full of praise for the Indian cricket team. Unfortunately, this time during the New Zealand vs India Test series, he remains unimpressed with the Men in Blue.

Michael Vaughan expresses his disappointment

According to the former England cricketer, India simply cannot be regarded as the best team until they emerge victorious in England and New Zealand. Michael Vaughan is of the opinion that the New Zealand team is taking the opportunity of the Test series to teach India a lesson. In fact, it is time that the Indian team learns how to play in conditions where the ball moves through the air.

The legend took to Twitter to express his dismay towards the Indian team.

“New Zealand giving India a lesson in how to play in conditions where the ball moves through the air… They can’t be regarded as a great team until they start winning in places like NZ & England. #NZvsIND.”

Indian team’s recent performance

If the Indian team’s performance is put under analysis, then the first mention will be of skipper Virat Kohli. He is definitely experiencing a slump. Not only did he score single digits but also wasted a review. On the other hand, Kohli did take a low dive catch to secure a wicket. At this point it is hard to say if the captain is coming out of his slump.

Next, Ravindra Jadeja truly outdid his past performances on-field by leaping through the air to dismiss Neil Wagner. This catch is fetching him admiration from his global fanbase. In fact, personalities such as Sanjay Manjrekar are taking to Twitter to express their appreciation for the player.

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Coming back to Michael Vaughan, it was only a few months back that he said only India is powerful enough to beat the Australian team. He went onto claim that considering the fact that the Australian team is truly strong at home, it is only the Indian team which possess the courage to defeat them.

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