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PCB and Pakistani Cricketers to Donate Handsome Amount to Battle Coronavirus

PCB and Pakistani Cricketers to Donate Handsome Amount to Battle Coronavirus

The world is going into a lockdown. Therefore, every Government is trying to ensure their country can survive this difficult period. However, the Pakistan Government is trying to ensure the same. Now, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is coming forward with a lump-sum donation to help the nation.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, says that the country can not afford a lockdown. Even though the positive cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan is rising rapidly. To help the Government survive during this time, the PCB and the Pakistan players are making contributions.

PCB employees and managers will be making donations according to their salaries

First, the PCB has already given their Hanif Mohammad High-Performance Centre to the Government. This is for the medical staff who are working at the Coronavirus hospital in Karachi. Next, Ehsan Mani made an announcement on how the contributions are being made.

PCB chairman Ehsan Mani (L) and CEO Wasim Khan (R) | AP

“The PCB will collect all these funds and deposit it to the government’s coronavirus fund. It is the history of the cricket board that we always stand by the government in difficult times.”

The Pakistan Cricket Team players who receive monthly salaries ranging between INR 5-10 lakhs will also donate. The announcement is that the players will collectively donate 5 million to the Government’s fund to battle Coronavirus outbreak.

Maintaining social distance is the only way to battle the COVID-19 spread

Of course, it is important that everyone does their bit to battle the spread of the virus. Currently, every nation is going into lockdown so that the virus does not spread any further. It is absolutely mandatory that every citizen of every nation follows the policies laid down by the respective Governments. There is no saying when things will get back to normal. However, maintaining social distance is the only way to curb the spread.

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