Sachin Tendulkar Threatened To End Sourav Ganguly’s Career During His Captaincy

June 6, 2020 8:36 pm

Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly are two of the best players that India has given to the cricket industry. In fact, the world has seen some of the greatest scores through their partnership.

Sachin Tendulkar could not lead India to victory during his captaincy

Even though Sourav Ganguly did make captain and led India successfully, there was a point when Sachin Tendulkar was captain. His reign was enough to show that while he was a brilliant player, he was not suitable to be captain. Out of 98 matches, India won only 27 under his leadership.

All of these losses were difficult on Tendulkar, however, the loss which impacted him the worst was the one at West Indies in 1997. India lost the Test match by 38 runs while trying to make a mere 120 runs. Only VVS Laxman had managed to score in the double digits. Following this loss, everyone in the team saw a different side of Sachin Tendulkar as he was addressing them. It was not a pleasant sight.

Sachin Tendulkar

The Master Blaster put forward a threat to end Sourav Ganguly’s career

While this episode clearly meant the Tendulkar was upset, Sourav Ganguly approached him to calm him down. The only result from that was the then-skipper asked Ganguly to be ready for a morning run the next day. Unfortunately, Ganguly did not turn up.

Vikrant Gupta reveals that this action from Sourav Ganguly left Sachin Tendulkar in pure rage. It was at this point that he made a threat towards Ganguly. The Master Blaster was enraged enough to tell Ganguly that he will send him back home and that will be the end of his career. These words were enough for Ganguly to never get on Tendulkar’s bad books again.

Sourav Ganguly

“Ganguly did not turn up for it and that is when Sachin threatened him that he will send him back home and end his career.”

It is great that this altercation did not end with the two Indian players sharing any bad blood between them. The two of them have broken records together and are hailed as one of the greatest pairs in cricket history.

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