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Sakshi Dhoni Reveals the Worst Hairstyle MS Dhoni Ever Had

Sakshi Dhoni Reveals the Worst Hairstyle MS Dhoni Ever Had

MS Dhoni

Former Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni was recently engaged in an interesting live session with Rupha Ramani, Chennai Super Kings’ (CSK) presenter. During the live session, Sakshi also made revelations about the Indian legend MS Dhoni. Both Sakshi and Rupha had a conversation on Mahi’s different hairstyles throughout his cricketing career. 

MS Dhoni is known as someone who loves to experiment with hair. He had different hairstyles at different stages of his career. His looks created a lot of buzz in the country and many youngsters got attracted to his long hair. 

Though many loved Mahi in long hair, his wife Sakshi Dhoni has a different perspective. She felt that long hair and orange color didn’t suit the cricketer. Looking at the picture in which he has long hair, Sakshi said, “Luckily I didn’t see him with long hair. Because if I had seen him with that oranged-long hair I wouldn’t have even looked at him you know there has to be some aesthetics you know.”

To this Ramani countered that fans still love his long hair, “But everyone had that thing about long-haired Mahi.” Responding to her, Sakshi answered, “To John (Abraham) it sort of suited him but on Mahi that long hair and on top of that orange color was like”.

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That orange hair didn’t suit MS Dhoni: Sakshi Dhoni

Later in the live session, Rupha Ramani asked Sakshi to pick the worst hairstyle Dhoni ever had. To this Sakshi quickly replied, “That orange hair which I saw luckily after I got to know him. After I fell in love with him, I saw his orange hair which was fine. ‘I was like thank God, I only saw him with short hair’.”

Sakshi also recalled her first meeting with her better half. She revealed that the story shown in MS Dhoni’s biopic is not very appropriate as the director added a little bit of fiction in it to make it more interesting. 

Sakshi quoted, “In movies, you know how it is. The directors take liberty for creativity’s sake and capture the audience. The first time I met him was through a common friend and it was the last day of my internship at Taj and he seemed to be a very regular guy, like very normal. At the time, I didn’t use to follow cricket that much those days. Obviously, we knew Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid, Sourav Ganguly. We knew all those players.”

She further added, “But I knew there was a ‘Pahadi guy’. He has got long hair and he is a hulk. And my mom was a fan of him and when I met him I told Mumma that he doesn’t have long hair he has got short hair,” 

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