“The Other Guys will Catch Up with Each Other a lot Earlier than I Do” Reveals Rohit Sharma

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Like many other cricketers, India’s white-ball cricket team vice-captain Rohit Sharma is also locked inside his house for the past two months in the view of the COVID-19 pandemic. The central government imposed the lockdown in the country on March 24 and since then no game of cricket has been played in the country.

Rohit resides in Mumbai with his family. The financial capital of India is the worst hit with the coronavirus outbreak. More than 28,817 people have been tested positive for this deadly virus in Mumbai while nearly 949 have lost their lives. As a result, the batsman feels that he would be the last one to join the National team for training. Rohit

Rohit said, “In India, it is going to be different as certain parts of the country have been affected the most and certain parts which have not been affected a lot. So I am assuming that those places might open up a lot earlier than Mumbai, the city where I stay and which is the most infected. I feel the other guys will send me videos of catching up with each other a lot earlier than me,”

I watch football more than cricket: Rohit Sharma

Further in an interview, the cricketer shared his love for the game of football. Though Rohit is a brilliant batsman, his love for football is known to all. He even said that personally he likes watching football more than cricket.

Speaking on his love for football, Rohit exclaimed, “When I am at home I watch football more than cricket. When you are watching it, it’s so pleasing to the eye to watch all these players execute their skills. I am a big believer in skills and that is why I love watching football. I do watch some tennis as well but not as much as I watch football.”

Rohit Sharma also revealed the role he would have played if he would have chosen his career as a professional footballer. He said that he would have loved being a midfielder. “I would see myself playing in midfield and not attacking too much. As that position is skillful and you have to create alot of chances and I don’t like running alot. It’s a position where you not only create opportunities but also stop the opposition from creating opportunities,” he said.

Yuvraj Singh doesn’t like to run

Talking about the other guys in the Indian cricket team, Rohit stated that earlier a lot of old guys in the team didn’t like running. They instead made the youngsters do the running. He also shared his memories of a charity football match that the cricketers played with the Bollywood stars.

The 33-year-old quoted, “I have tried playing a charity football game here in India. It was Bollywood against the cricketers, the All-stars and it was damn tough. It was 5-6 years ago. I remember, I was 25-26 (years of age) there were a lot of older guys in the team who just did not want to do the running and made us do the running instead. Mahi (MS Dhoni), Yuvraj (Singh) and Virat (Kohli) were there in the team. Yuvraj is someone who doesn’t like to run and so is MS Dhoni,”

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