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“This is Crazy” – Harbhajan Singh Lashes Out at China for Coronavirus Outbreak

“This is Crazy” – Harbhajan Singh Lashes Out at China for Coronavirus Outbreak

Harbhajan Singh

Former Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh recently shared a video on twitter which left many people in doubt. The video contains a clip of a Korean series “My Secret Terrius” in which the doctor talks about the coronavirus. 

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world. More than 5,00,000 people have been tested positive for this virus. The virus originated from Wuhan, a city in China. Being contagious, COVID-19 didn’t take much time to spread across the globe. 

After the WHO declared the coronavirus as a “global pandemic”, there has been a debate going on with many calling the spread of the virus an intentional move by the China government. 

The series “My Secret Terrius” was released in 2018 and is being streamed on Netflix. During the 10th episode of season 1 of the series, a doctor could be seen telling that the patient has been infected from Coronavirus. She also reveals that the virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly five minutes after being exposed.

The doctor further adds that there is no cure or vaccine available for the virus. Stunned by this revelation, Harbhajan Singh shared this video on his official twitter handle to let his followers know about the same. 

Subsequently, he wrote, “This is crazy. If you are home, go on Netflix now ……. Type “My Secret Terrius” and go to season -1 and episode 10 and move straight to 53 minutes point! (P.S. this season was made in 2018 and we are in 2020) . This is shocking was it a plan ??”

Harbhajan Singh collaborates with CRY

The Indian spinner has joined hands with CRY for a noble cause. CRY stands for Child Rights and You. It is a non-profit and non-government organization in India working towards the upliftment of underprivileged children. 

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, CRY along with Harbhajan Singh has started a campaign to help the underprivileged children and grassroots healthcare workers. Also, they are urging people to donate for the same. 

Today, Harbhajan Singh shared this information on twitter and requested his followers to do their bit by donating money for the needy. 

He tweeted, “CRY and I have started this amazing campaign to help 3.5 lakh underprivileged children plus grassroots healthcare workers during the #coronavirus pandemic. Please donate to @cry_india to help them in this urgent cause! Whatever lil you can help plz do https://cry.org/helpchildren

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