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Virat Kohli Wastes a Review: Fans Slam Him on Twitter

Virat Kohli Wastes a Review: Fans Slam Him on Twitter

Virat Kohli

The recent performance that Virat Kohli is exhibiting on-field is utterly disappointing to all of his fans. Now, he creates a buzz about his skills as a captain by wasting a review at Christchurch.

During the second test of the on-going series against New Zealand, not only did Captain Kohli bag a single digit score but also called for a review. There was barely any chances of him surviving the review yet he decided to go ahead with it.

The events started to unfold during the 25th over of the Test match. Tim Southee’s strategical delivery resulted in the ball striking Kohli’s pad. Now, following this clean dismissal, the Men in Blue skipper called for a review. The result of the review was not in his favour. The replays clearly points out that there is no bat involvement. His score for the second test series against New Zealand is 3 runs from 15 balls.

Here is the video of Virat Kohli’s dismissal

Virat Kohli successfully wasting a review

This is not the first time that Virat Kohli has wasted a review. In fact, out of all the 13 reviews he called for during International cricket, only two have been successful.

The Indian team fans are not taking this incident lightly. A number of them are slamming Kohli on the Internet saying that he is officially in a slump and is definitely being selfish. There are a few users who are accusing Virat Kohli of having an ego which is negatively affecting the team.

Twitter users slam the skipper

It is true that Virat Kohli is going through a downward slope of his career. This second test match is the seventh one against New Zealand where he failed to reach 20. On top of that, he has failed to score a century during the last 21 innings. The last time that Kohli did bag a three digit score was during the day-night Test against Bangladesh in Kolkata. His score during that Test match was 136.

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