WATCH: Jasprit Bumrah Uploads Video Showing Rohit Sharma’s Daughter Imitating His Bowling

April 3, 2020 8:29 pm

The current lockdown across India is benefitting the Indian team players in one way. That is, they are being able to spend more time with their family. This is exactly how Rohit Sharma is spending his quarantine time at home. Recently, a video surfaced where his daughter shows off her rendition of what Jasprit Bumrah does for the cricket team.

Jasprit Bumrah posted the video on Twitter. It is seen that Rohit Sharma is sitting on the floor with his daughter. His wife asks their daughter to show what he does. As a response, she throws her hand in an attempt to show bowling. This reaction leaves both Sharma and his wife in fits of laughter.

Jasprit Bumrah tags Rohit Sharma and his wife saying that she does it better than he ever can.

Here is the video uploaded by Jasprit Bumrah

This is not the first video of Rohit Sharma spending adorable moments with his daughter. Previously, a video surfaced which showed Sharma playing cricket with his daughter in their house.

WATCH: Rohit Sharma Plays Cricket with His Daughter at Their Residence


Coming to playing cricket in the house, England player Jonny Bairstow attempted to do the same. However, his game did not end at a good note. In fact, the results were quite disastrous.

WATCH: Jonny Bairstow Attempts to Play Cricket at Home Ending with Devastating Results

However, amongst all the fun, players are frequently taking to social media to interact with everyone. For example, Virat Kohli and Kevin Pietersen conducted a live session on Instagram where they discussed the current issues and other topics.

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In fact, Rohit Sharma and Kevin Pietersen did a session before as well. These interactive sessions are great for everyone retain their sanity during lockdown.

Stay inside to curb the Coronavirus outbreak

Right now, while every nation battles the Coronavirus outbreak, it is important citizens play their part. The important factor is to follow Government protocol and remain in isolation until lockdowns are lifted.

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