WATCH: Jonny Bairstow Attempts to Play Cricket at Home Ending with Devastating Results

By 8 months ago

The worldwide lockdown due to Coronavirus is starting to bring everyone’s life to a standstill. While work from home protocols are being followed by everyone, it is the sports industry that is finding it difficult to cope up. For example, Jonny Bairstow seems to be having a difficult time off-field. A certain video shows how he misses being on-field with his bat.

The video shows Jonny Bairstow in his backyard with an older family member. They seem to be planning to play a few rounds of cricket. Unfortunately, the first delivery did not go well and Bairstow throws it back to her. However, the second delivery is extremely well-tackled by him.

It is from this moment where the events take a twist. Considering he is a skilled cricketer, the bat hits the ball at a straight angle. As a result, the ball hurls towards the older member of the family. It directly hits her on the face bringing his home cricket to and end. Obviously, being a gentleman Jonny Bairstow rushes to help her and ensure that she is fine.

Here is the video of Jonny Bairstow indulging in home cricket

Now, he is not the only cricketer who is taking interest in home cricket. Indian team player, Rohit Sharma, is playing frequent rounds of cricket with his daughter at home.

WATCH: Rohit Sharma Plays Cricket with His Daughter at Their Residence

Stay home to defeat Coronavirus

Right now, it is more than just important to stay home. It is mandatory. Staying home and maintaining social distance is the only way that the world can defeat Coronavirus. The more people indulge in stopping physical contact, the better are the chances to curb the spread. All Governments are doing there best to ensure the nation stays safe. It is time the citizens to their bit as well.

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