WATCH: Rohit Sharma Says, “Be Smart and Proactive”

By 9 months ago

Every nation is taking precautions necessary against Coronavirus. Individuals are self-quarantining themselves, Governments are implementing border restrictions, and major events globally are getting cancelled or postponed. Amidst all the craze, Rohit Sharma releases a video to raise caution during these tough times.

As of now the total cases registered in India has crossed a 100. Therefore, people are wearing masks, trying to stay indoors, and most companies are activating work-from-home protocols. The one event of India that is suffering the effects of the virus is IPL 2020. The BCCI and the eight franchises took the decision to postpone the event to 15th April from 29th March.

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On March 16th, Indian team opener, Rohit Sharma, shares a heartwarming message with his fans and followers. In this message he says that the best way to fight Coronavirus is to by uniting. If everyone is alert of their surroundings and takes initiate to inform a medical assistance if any symptom surfaces, then this can be fought.

”The only way we can get back to normal is by all of us coming together. And we can do this by being a little smart, a little proactive, knowing our surroundings and as and when we get any symptoms inform your nearest medical authorities because we all want kids go to the school, we all want to go to the malls, we all want to watch movies in theatres.”

Rohit Sharma takes the time to applaud the doctors, nurses, and other medical assistants who are working round the clock to fight this disease. Finally, he ends by leaving a simple yet emotional message for the family members of individuals who did not survive the virus.

Here is the video by Rohit Sharma

Sharma’s fans comment back filled with admiration

Rohit Sharma will be plying with the Mumbai Indians at IPL 2020.



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