“We Need to Be Able To Shine The Ball” – Pat Cummins Against Not Shining The Ball Using Sweat and Saliva

May 11, 2020 3:01 pm

The traditional practice of shining the ball using sweat and saliva might be done away with once cricket resumes following the Coronavirus outbreak. Now, Australian player Pat Cummins comes forward with his own opinion about the rule while talking to kkr.in.

This decision was taken when the CEC meeting of the ICC. Furthermore, the Australian Institute of Sport is one which is specifically looking into definitely enforcing the rule.

Pat Cummins is completely against the ruling out of using saliva or sweat to shine the ball

However, the number one fast bowler says that when it comes to bowler he feels that this rule will end up impacting the entire essence of the game. The reason why everyone admires Test Cricket format is because of the swings, reverse swings, and other aspects.

“Why everyone loves Test cricket is because it has so much art to it. You have swing bowlers, spinners, you have all these different aspects that make Test cricket what it is.” 

Pat Cummins is not ready to give batsmen another reason to score runs. Therefore, taking away the power of shining the ball will result in benefitting batsmen.

”I think if you can’t shine the ball, that takes away swing bowling, that takes away reverse swing bowling and I just don’t want to give batsmen another reason to score runs.”

The player believes the game should not resume at all if the fear is regarding the further spread of Coronavirus

Finally, Pat Cummins touches upon the topic of spreading Coronavirus. His opinion is that if prohibiting the shining of the ball to make sure Coronavirus does not spread, then right now there should not be any games at all. However, if the game does resume, then there needs to be another way to shine the ball.

“I want them to come up with another option. Whether it’s saliva or any another substance, we need to able to shine the ball and make sure it keeps swinging”, says the Australian Cricket player

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