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Cristiano Ronaldo not pleased with Rafa’s training

Cristiano Ronaldo not pleased with Rafa’s training

There have been various reports according to Spanish media claiming a rift between the Real Madrid manager Rafa Benitez and their star player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Rafa Benitz had joined the club this season after Carlo Ancelotti was sacked, being unable to secure any of the major titles, barring the FIFA Club World Cup. Cristiano had always been appreciative of the Italian boss and had supported him. The same, however, doesn’t seem to apply for the once Liverpool manager, Rafa Benitez.

All though the club routed Manchester City 4-1 in a friendly held at Melbourne on Friday, Cristiano seems displeased with the methods being employed.  The Spanish newspaper, As, claims that the Portuguese was annoyed by one of Rafa’s training drills which required the players to complete the “crossbar challenge”- to hit the goalpost from a particular fixed distance. He was quoted saying “It’s meant to be the ball in there, in the net. Not this s–t.”

This is one of the many instances of his displeasure being vented out, according to Spanish media. According to earlier reports,  at a Benitez-refreed training match, Cristiano was recorded saying “He gives everything against the Portuguese.”

The manager himself is not oblivious to all these allegations against him, but only praises the player. He believes all players are equal, saying to The Telegraph:

“My relationship with him is the same as the rest of the players – I speak to them all”

“There are those who are speculating on this or that but I can assure you that the relationship is totally normal”.

“Fortunately after working with him you can see how competitive he is and how keen he is to win. He is a competitive guy and that’s the key. This is a positive thing not a defect.

Whom do you side with? The manager who places all at the same pedestal, or the player who has played under the best managers? Tell us below!

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